Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So today it happened, My co-workers threw me a suprise baby shower... I suppose it was a nice gesture and I appreciate the thoughtfulness. Nothing brings out the creeps like a new baby, its like there's a race to be the first person to weird the little guy out, and he not even out of the womb yet. In other news our "director" took a different position within the company, and now my boss actually has to work Bwahahah (insert evil laugh) I don't want to sound to positive though all in all I still dream of the crumbeling foundations of this place but knowing that others have to suffer along side me kinda brightend my day. -OmegaApex

Monday, July 12, 2010


Each morning, I have to take a deep breath before I walk in the doors to the building.

I have to prep myself for the awkward and forced smiles exchanged in the hallway.

I'll make myself drink two cups of shitty coffee, topped with no less than 1 cup of creamer.

I'll sit at my desk for eight hours and imagine.

Plan my escape. It must be done.

~Sister Atticus

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mountians Win Again

Mountains have a way of separating the life you must live from the life you should live. Clarity is unimaginable here everything is clean as if just born unto this earth, yet it bears the knowledge from thousands of years of experience. No media here. No advertisement. Only gods spectacular creation. The clarity of thought is dizzying. The hills in the distance seem to shield me from the evil which is the world we live in. I am alone and I am content. Happy. Reborn. Upon this mountain top I am saved from myself. Saved from my sins. They always call me here when life is falling out of is not a struggle in this atmosphere life is slowed to a single breath.... Cautious and clean, the essence of what is human. Humanity is not power or riches... Humanity is courage and forgiveness. A life is about being intelligent enough to punish those who are walking the wrong path; only doing so with love in your heart. I strive to adhere to this conundrum to punish but not hate to fight and love. To fight for what I have earned to fight for my family to fight for my loved ones future. I want to be a fearless hero but often I'm a coward, shying away from the. Simple act of resisting another persons belief. My beliefs aren't always better or correct but they are mine and onre should always fight for their beliefs. We don't fight enough in our nation, we are conditioned not to. No need for weapons, but a fair and solid fist fight forces a lot of integrity on a man. _ OmegaApex

Friday, July 9, 2010

Must See Mag of The Day pretty much counter culture artwork and social comentary. Basically it's the embodiment of what I want to be when I grow up. Fancy.

I'm alive, for now!

So it was a slow week here.......sorry...that means it was a busy week in the office, honestly I'm fighting a hang-over from the 4th that has lasted most of the week thanks do not drinking for a considerable amount of time before this weekend (3 months thats a long time right). Anyway, I plan on working some this weekend and having some nice stuff posted, thats the plan right now anyway.....